Our certified tree experts are available to clear any fallen trees near your home. You may also need our services when one of the trees in your yard is dying, impeding new construction, or posing a safety hazard. Whatever your situation, you can count on SR Tree Service for fast and reliable assistance. We have the skill and equipment to complete the task in a timely and efficient manner.

As ISA certified arborists, we know the importance of detail-oriented work. We bring that level of accuracy to every tree removal project so our clients can rest easier knowing the job will be carried out safely. We will help you determine whether uprooting is necessary. If it is, we will carry out the solution promptly and effectively, taking care to clean up after ourselves. No matter how extensive the problem, we will work tirelessly to complete the tree removal project.

We proudly serve residential and commercial properties in the Santa Rosa area. When you need excellent tree removal and stump grinding services, we are the right company to call. We are ready to provide you with punctual and skilled assistance. To obtain a free estimate or learn more about us, you can call (707) 600-3032.

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Tree cutting is one of the most risky and dangerous jobs to perform, it should be done by expert tree crews only. Most of our clients request cutting services to get rid of trees that are causing structural damage to a building or property. If a tree is dead, it is also a candidate for tree cutting to save on future expenses if it falls due to a storm or another calamity.

SR Tree Service uses the latest safety and rigging equipment to allow for the removal of even the most dangerous trees, while making as little of an impact on your yard as possible. Utilizing only the latest techniques for tree removal, we put your and your property safety first. No matter where your location is, whether is a school, hospital, public park, residential or commercial property. We will get the job done.

Whether is a removal or tree trimming issue, our expert staff can complete your tasks with ease. And if you wonder when you must seek expert council, here is a small list of issues when a tree must be removed:

  • Tree death
  • Disease
  • Breakage
  • Lightning strike
  • New construction
  • Obstruction of power lines
  • Foundation problems
  • Undesirable tree


One vital aspect that should be considered when looking for a tree removal service is whether the tree company is fully insured and has the necessary permits to operate in your city or state. This is important to cover the unexpected risks during the tree removal process.

This can save you from issues and potential legal liability if something goes wrong, like branches falling within the neighbor’s property. You should always hire tree services from a reputable company which adheres to standards on relevant safety regulations and industry best practices.


SR Tree Service is ready to start improving the exterior of your real estate investment. Call our office, ask for a free estimate, and set up an appointment. When you contact us with your problems, a courteous staff member can make an expert assessment on your situation and then formulate a treatment plan.

From dealing with diseases to handling decay and rot, we provide highly skilled services at competitive rates. All of our detailed professionals are licensed and insured.