Stumps are often the most tricky and deceiving part of the tree removal process. A large portion of the stump is subterranean, making extraction harder. Also, the root ball itself is much larger than the bulk of the tree.

What makes projects even more complicated is that stumps often need to be removed, as many tree species will just grow right back after a couple of years.

Stump grinding can be a very intensive and laborious task that may take several hours, even for a relatively small tree. Maybe you have several stumps, as trees can often disappear quickly due to mass elimination, disease, hurricanes, old age, or other processes.

So, what should you do when a tree stump needs to be removed? Below we will discuss the ins-and-outs of stump grinding and why you should hire a certified professional.

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There are two stump removal techniques that have slowly established themselves as industry standards over the years. Both stump removal and stump grinding have their pros and cons.

With stump removal, an excavator digs the ground to remove the stump along with its root ball. However, this technique requires heavy machinery, takes longer, is more expensive, and leaves a massive hole where the stump is located.

The other technique is stump grinding. With it, the superficial tree stump is grounded with a medium-sized mechanical grinder. After the stump has been grounded, the subterranean remainder below will usually decay in a matter of time. This technique is faster, less expensive, and you will not be left with a massive unfilled hole at the end of the process.


Yes! As previously mentioned, stump grinding is labor intensive and not a job for the inexperienced. There are quite a few ways in which one can go about grinding a stump, but they all bring with them a level of danger, that is best tackled by a professional.

Also, stump grinding machines and other power tools are often used in a non-traditional manner. During stump grinding you are not just using a chainsaw to lop off a tree branch. You are using equipment for less common specialized tasks that bring difficulties of their own.

If this sounds unpractical, consider the alternative: Leaving your stump unattended for decades could allow roots to grow deeper into your yard. They could impede your septic tank’s ability to function. And, of course, stumps can always make your yard look ugly.


You can grind a stump yourself, but like tree removal or other tasks that require the skill of a specialist, it is safer if you hire an ISA certified arborist. Stump grinding specialists use advanced tools that require weeks to master. These tools may be dangerous in the hands of a first-time user.

Additionally, many DIY stump removal methods are not as safe as they claim to be; they may wreak havoc on your yard before your stump is fully removed.

Hiring a professional stump grinding company assures the job is done right. They bring tools, experience, and the ability to keep your property aesthetically pleasing to each job.


Stump grinding requires safe work zones. It requires equipment that works every time, PPE (personal protective equipment) to keep employees safe, and determination to perform each job according to OSHA standards. We provide it all.

Our insurance policy is top-notch. This means we come to your property, take care of any work-related accidents that may occur to your property, and still perform the work we are hired for. Insurance is required by California subcontractors and any business performing work on another’s property. Insurance is often required by contractors who will perform high-risk work, and we provide such in the event stump grinding appears to be challenging on your property. We come prepared so you do not have to.


At SR Tree Service, we give free estimates and provide affordable services. Our goal has always been to deliver a great service at competitive rates. We will take care of any stumps that need to be removed in the safest manner possible.

After your tree stumps are fully removed, your yard will then be the empty canvas that it once was. This will allow you to regain control over your heavenly domain, as you get closer to crafting the perfect garden.