For beautiful landscaping you can be proud of, consider an experienced arborist from SR Tree Service. Creating and maintaining attractive features in your yard takes resources, energy, and dedication. You may not necessarily have time in your busy schedule to attend tasks such as regular pruning and trimming. That is why you should turn to our ISA certified professionals to get the job done right.

Equipped with the right tools and expertise, our tree service company is proud to offer high quality services to individuals in the Santa Rosa area. Healthy and well-trimmed trees and shrubbery are excellent additions to any real estate investment.

Our accomplished team members can provide detailed and effective landscaping treatments. An ISA certified professional will carefully consult with you about your needs, from large projects such as tree removal to regular maintenance care.

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Whether it be pruning, trimming, tree removal, or a stubborn stump issue waiting to be solved, we can do it. In fact, we guarantee that we can do every tree related job. If a tree became diseased or damaged, then you should immediately call for a certified professional. After all, no matter how beautiful the tree is, your safety is our number one priority.

Often, developers find that a beautiful but incorrectly planted tree proves to be damaging to buildings and utilities, or may obstruct a desired view. If that is the case, do not postpone the issue any longer. We will come and give you a fair free estimate and consultation. We will also provide you with the most effective and safest solution for your needs.

Even if it is just a tree stump, we can take care of it. We possess the most advanced equipment in the tree industry which literally eats wood for breakfast. Our tree services are like no other you have encountered. Our promise to you, our beloved customer, is that you will get a prompt, fast, and quality service. Call us and you will not be disappointed.


If you want to dramatically change your landscape, tree services like pruning or trimming are a cost-effective solution. The detailed-oriented professionals from SR Tree Service can design and carry out treatments that improve and maintain your landscape’s features. Whether you need to give maintenance to several trees or perform regular pruning and trimming on shrubs, we can help.

No matter how big or small your lot is, we will thoroughly perform the tasks and exceed your expectations. Give your front yard the attention it needs by contacting SR Tree Service. A friendly staff member will explain to you our methodology and rates for free.


Literally. We will remove any tree stump, any time, for any reason. We possess the knowledge, tools, and skill to grind any stump until it is decimated. From there, we will cover the hole so nature’s decay process can run its course. Have several large stumps? Let us know. Stumps in difficult places, or those on an incline or embankment? Consider it done.

Time after time we have met the challenges stump grinding presented us. Sure, the work is tedious and often long, but remember, we have built our reputation off superior stump grinding work. This means we are tackling stumps the size of small compact automobiles at times.

Let us look over stumps in your yard. We will give fair estimates based off size, and amaze you once completed. Whether it is one or ten stumps, we grind them in style.


Trees are an important part of our natural environment. It takes them decades to grow to maturity, whether they are in a forest or a yard. However, there always come the time when a tree must go down. And we know perfectly well that even the best loved trees can pass their use by date.

Trees can die or can cause damage to properties. Severe storms can wreak havoc with trees, and loose overhanging branches pose a huge safety risk. Loose branches can also clog up gutters, obstruct paths and driveways, reduce light, and create annoying noise.

When it comes to tree removal, our crew will remove the tree safely. Our employees pride themselves on their ability to work together in coordination to bring a tree down without causing damage to a building or landscape.